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Hotel COZi ∙ Resort | Zambia & Kenya Function Room

- 2-minute walking distance to MTR Tuen Mun Station
- Pillarless design, suitable for wedding ceremony or different types of meeting set-up
- Huge windows to capture natural daylight
- Themed guestrooms including Japan, Africa, Greece and Thailand, best for wedding room set up

- Built-in audio system, easy set up for conference, lecture or wedding speech
- Flexible set up, can be divided into 2 rooms for small scale meeting

211104_floor plan_HCR_FR_2s.jpg

*Floor plan not to scale, for reference only

Zambia + Kenya | U-Shape + Board Room

190117_HCRS website location map-01.jpg

Hotel COZi ∙ Resort | 4 Kin Fung Circuit, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

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