Western Wedding Venues


Club East

Angel & Devil

A fun and unique restaurant and bar, Angel & Devil is suitable for western wedding ceremony and banquet.

Function Room_edited.jpg

Hotel COZi ∙ Resort

Function Room Zambia & Kenya

Pillarless indoor space with natural day light, just 2-minute walking to and from MTR Tuen Mun Station.

The Platter (HCO)_Interior_1.jpg

Hotel COZi‧Oasis

The Platter

Buffet restaurant with VIP room to cater Western banquet of up to 150 persons.


Hotel COZi‧Oasis

Function Room 

Pillarless indoor space with flexibility to separate into small scale event venue.

The Platter_1.jpg

Hotel COZi‧Resort

The Platter

Train themed restaurant with outdoor area for cocktail reception and wedding ceremony.


Bay Bridge Lifestyle Retreat

Bay's Kitchen & Bar

With the panoramic sea view, the hotel restaurant is ideal for causal wedding lunch buffet.


Hotel COZi‧Oasis

COZi Lounge & Grazzi Garden

Contemporary design with outdoor garden, best for banquet event, cocktail reception and wedding ceremony.

The Platter (HCW)_Interior_5.jpg

Hotel COZi‧Wetland

The Platter

Sports themed restaurant for buffet and cocktail reception.


Hotel Ease ‧ Tsuen Wan


Adapting the new-fashioned industrial style interior design, Eat@ease is suitable for causal wedding event.