Western Wedding Venues

Club East

Angel & Devil

A fun and unique restaurant and bar, Angel & Devil is suitable for western wedding ceremony and banquet.

Hotel COZi‧Oasis

Function Room 

Pillarless indoor space with flexibility to separate into small scale event venue

Hotel COZi‧Oasis

COZi Lounge & Grazzi Garden

Contemporary design with outdoor garden, best for banquet event, cocktail reception and wedding ceremony.

Hotel COZi ∙ Resort

Function Room Zambia & Kenya

Pillarless indoor space with natural day light, just 2-minute walking to and from MTR Tuen Mun Station.

Bay Bridge Lifestyle Retreat

Bay's Kitchen & Bar

With the panoramic sea view, the hotel restaurant is ideal for causal wedding lunch buffet.

Hotel Ease ‧ Tsuen Wan


Adapting the new-fashioned industrial style interior design, Eat@ease is suitable for causal wedding event.

Hotel COZi‧Resort

The Platter

Train themed restaurant with outdoor area for cocktail reception and wedding ceremony.